Michelle Mannix, Founder

A thought provoker and natural talker, Michelle has woven her experiences from her itinerant background in hospitality, marketing and business development to create a new, profound platform to spark conversation and connection. Since founding and owning the beloved Cobble Hill cafe, Ted & Honey, creating Prospect Heights culinary studio, Cook Space and leading talks on re-inventing one’s self at GOOP, LeadDog Marketing Group and Cherry Bombe University, Michelle has created this space to unite her passions around food and community building, to create a space where people can come together to identify and pursue their own individualized paths (likely while enjoying some delicious grub!)

Joining her on this journey is Eliza Zweig, a fashion industry alumn and hostess with the mostest as Studio and Event Manager at Cook Space, and Lara Southern, a British transplant in Brooklyn, dreaming up the designs and bits and bobs to bring the message of Life Beyond the Recipe to life.

This motley crew of passionate women is beyond thrilled you are here and cannot wait to build this brand new community with you!



THE INSPIRATION: Marianne Williamson and the principles of the Course In Miracles - that she has been able to ‘translate - along with all her teachings have changed the way I operate in all areas of my life.  

 Business wise i’m inspired by The Wing, Girl Boss + The Class By Taryn Toomey.  They are all creating much more than just a space, a community, or a movement and studio.  

THE NECESSITIES:  Music, food, family (including my work family), great friends, being outside, and passions.  

THE TRACKS: The National, Bob Dylan, WFUV radio, Sade, Van Morrison, the XX, Bon Iver, Martha Wainwright, Cat Power, Neil Young, Neko Case, Solange...

THE DISH: I prefer the process of cooking something from what I have, repurposing leftovers or using something about to spoil far more than any particular dish.  But if I had to choose - its would be eggs -- softly scrambled, turkish, the perfect egg sandwich or even hard-boiled.

THE PRODUCT: an ever rotating list of face oils/serums:  The Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, Dr. Hauschka’s face oil.

THE WIND-UP: Writing in her Seize Your Days Planner.  Meditating/praying, The Class by Taryn Toomey, Walking.


THE WIND DOWN:  Great conversation.  Ain’t gonna lie - there’s often cannabis involved.

THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Your thoughts create your reality.  Love instead of fear. But more importantly that we’re all connected.