Michelle Mannix, Founder

A thought provoker and natural talker, Michelle has woven her experiences from her itinerant background in hospitality, marketing and business development to create a new, profound platform to spark conversation and connection. Since founding and owning the beloved Cobble Hill cafe, Ted & Honey, creating Prospect Heights culinary studio, Cook Space and leading talks on re-inventing one’s self at GOOP, LeadDog Marketing Group and Cherry Bombe University, Michelle has created this space to unite her passions around food and community building, to create a space where people can come together to identify and pursue their own individualized paths (likely while enjoying some delicious grub!)


Lara Southern, Founding Creative Director

Raised in London until she turned 18, Lara’s first “proper” job was at her local gastropub, where she bussed tables, poured pints and spent her breaks scribbling stories on the back of cocktail napkins.

Upon graduating from Brown with a degree in English Literature, she dove head first into life in NYC. After three years at an education start-up, she changed course to pursue her passion for food, landing at Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, (where she took full advantage of the employee discount), before two wonderful years at Sunday Suppers as Event + Studio Director.

Throughout, Lara has continued to pursue her love of writing, producing freelance pieces for Bustle, Roads & Kingdoms and Ambrosia Magazine, among others.

Her somewhat itinerant professional experiences have brought her to Life Beyond the Recipe and Cook Space, an environment that marries so many of her passions but, most importantly, her love of building community.


Merlyn Miller, Marketing Associate

After growing up with her mom’s home cooking in Texas, Merlyn knew she wanted to work with food. While studying anthropology and archaeology at Cornell, she began writing for MOLD Magazine in her free time - a publication about the future of food.

Merlyn eventually became an editorial assistant and social media manager for MOLD, where she honed her interest in sustainable food systems. In addition to her editorial work for MOLD, Merlyn has also contributed to Pour Over, a magazine about coffee culture and plant-based food produced by Califia Farms. The uniting principle behind all of Merlyn’s work is a desire to bring people together - a central tenet that drew her to Life Beyond the Recipe and Cook Space.

Outside of her professional experience, Merlyn enjoys spending time with friends and testing new recipes. Now that Merlyn is finished studying at Cornell, she is super excited to further explore her passion for food, community and media as a marketing associate with Life Beyond the Recipe!