We’re celebrating life beyond the recipe - whether that means escaping actual recipes, rule books or cultural expectations.
— Michelle Mannix, Founder

Our mission is centered in a desire to celebrate the unique, beautiful and deeply personal path of each individual. Life Beyond the Recipe will give you the inspiration and tools to guide you down this path of becoming, where you can love who you are and navigate who you want to be. 

We aim to inspire and encourage a deeper understanding of how to celebrate life “beyond the recipe,” or outside the conventional standards of success and meaning. We’re looking to let go of prescriptive ideas, guides and rule books that tell us how to live our lives. Our community is a platform that celebrates people, ideas and positive mindsets that encourage you to find your own path and way of expression.

When confronted with the challenge of closing two businesses, Cook Space founder Michelle Mannix began searching for a clearer definition and application of her purpose. What would make her feel fulfilled and happy? How could she become the person she wanted to be? While looking for resources to guide her through this process, Michelle realized that all the platforms and tools she found were too focused on careers and work or spirituality and wellness, and nothing combined or aligned with the whole of one’s life. Out of this realization, and building off the themes of Cook Space, Life Beyond the Recipe was born - a space for empowerment, where like-minded people can support each other on the path to progress.

As we begin embracing life beyond the recipe together, we want to start by reminding you that we’re all a constant work in progress - evolving, learning, growing - and that you should pay attention to what will serve the best version of yourself. Most importantly, we want you to remember that Life Beyond the Recipe is a welcoming, inclusive community that will give you the means to chart your own path in life.