Our mission . . .

Life Beyond The Recipe was born out of Cook Space, our culinary studio that was developed from an idea to shift a mindset, and approach to cooking. We wanted to create an environment where learning to cook was viewed differently - where the focus is on learning by doing, using what you have, what’s in season, and by letting go of recipes to experiment, advance, and enjoy your own personal culinary perspective + path.  We see cooking as the most basic form of taking care of ourselves and each other.

One year since our launch, after creating and sharing countless magical meals, personal stories and intimate self-reflections, we realize ours is a platform with the potential to build bridges far beyond the the stove.

In this space we invite you to join the conversation, delving deeper and beyond - into how we are all charting our own path in the ever evolving process of becoming who we are all meant to be.  Learning by doing, tuning into what matters - and letting go of the guidebooks and instruction manuals.

We’ll explore the deeply personal way we all navigate the becoming...the best versions of our selves.  For each other. In each of our own, unique and often inspiring way. We’ll celebrate and share mindsets, paths + stories that inspire + make us think  

We are thrilled you’ve made it here and cannot wait to meet you!

Welcome to Life Beyond the Recipe